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Rules & FAQ for Live Box/Case Breaks:
We broadcast the LIVE breaking of the box/case and you can easily log in to view it. There is a chat room where you can talk and negotiate with other customers.
We have 2 live stream channels.

A box/case break, you buy the team/fighter slot from the box/case that you are trying to acquire. When you make your purchase, you are entitled to every card that comes out of the box/case that belongs to the team/slot that you purchased. If you purchase the Colts, Redskins, & Panthers slot in a box/case of 2012 Absolute. When we break the box/case, everything that comes out of the box/case from the three teams you purchased will be owned by you!

Multi-team & multi-player cards: 1. Each Teams/slots owned on the card will get a entry for the drawing using For example, if it is a Andrew Luck/RG3/Trent Richardson/Doug martin Quad patch. Whichever team(s) you own, you will have that team in the drawing. This all happens on the live break so everyone can see the results. (This also implies to UFC/WWE products.)

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